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Shui Qing Ye

Professor--Unversity of Missouri at Kansas City

Work Details:

Department: Pediatrics; Biomedical and Health Informatics

Institution: Unversity of Missouri at Kansas City

Course: Translational Bioinformatics Human Genome Epidemiology

Institution (in Local Language):   


Article Title/DOI: Multiple-laboratory comparison of microarray platforms

Journal: Nature Methods

VOL: 2005

Article Title: Temporal gene expression analysis of human coronary artery endothelial cells treated with Simvastatin.

Journal: Gene Expression

VOL: 2008

Article Title: Regulation of inflammatory cytokine expression in pulmonary epithelial cells by pre-B-cell colony-enhancing factor via a nonenzymatic and AP-1-dependent mechanism.

Journal: J Biol Chem

VOL: 2009

Article Title: Carboranes increase the potency of small molecule inhibitors of nicotinamide phosphoribosyltranferase.

Journal: J Med Chem

VOL: 2012

Article Title: RNA-seq reveals novel transcriptome of genes and their isoforms in human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells treated with thrombin.

Journal: PLoS One

VOL: 2012