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Dongcheng  Dai

--SIGA Technologies Inc.

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Institution: SIGA Technologies Inc.


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Article Title/DOI: Studies Relevant to Ellagitannin Chemistry: Highly Diastereoselective Biaryl Couplings in Bis(iodotrimethoxybenzoyl) Hexopyranose Derivatives

Journal: Journal of Organic Chemistry

VOL: 1998

Article Title: Identification of a broad-spectrum arenavirus entry inhibitor

Journal: Journal of Virology

VOL: 2008

Article Title: A specific interaction of small-molecule entry inhibitors with the envelope glycoprotein complex of the Junin hemorrhagic fever arenavirus

Journal: Journal of Biological Chemistry

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Discovery and optimization of potent broad-spectrum arenavirus inhibitors derived from benzimidazole

Journal: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters

VOL: 2013

Article Title: A Novel Inhibitor of Dengue Virus Replication that Targets the Capsid Protein

Journal: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

VOL: 2013