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Hossam  Ashour

Assistant Professor--Wayne State University

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Institution: Wayne State University


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Article Title/DOI: Peripheral tolerance via the anterior chamber of the eye: role of B cells in MHC class I and II antigen presentation.

Journal: Journal of Immunology

VOL: 2006

Article Title: Gammadelta T cells promote anterior chamber-associated immune deviation and immune privilege through their production of IL-10.

Journal: Journal of Immunology

VOL: 2006

Article Title: The role of B cells in the induction of peripheral T cell tolerance.

Journal: Journal of Leukocyte Biology

VOL: 2007

Article Title: Eye-mediated induction of specific immune tolerance to encephalitogenic antigens.

Journal: CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics

VOL: 2013

Article Title: Type II collagen induces peripheral tolerance in BALB/c mice via the generation of CD8+ T regulatory cells.

Journal: PLoS One

VOL: 2012