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Christopher N. Ochner

Assistant Professor--Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

Work Details:

Department: Pediatrics & Psychiatry

Institution: Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

Course: N/A

Institution (in Local Language):   


Article Title/DOI: Selective reduction in neural responses to high calorie foods following gastric bypass surgery

Journal: Annals of Surgery

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Relation between changes in neural responsivity and reductions in desire to eat high-calorie foods following gastric bypass surgery

Journal: Neuroscience

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Effectiveness of a modified Continuum curriculum for medical students: a randomized trial

Journal: Neurology

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Pre-bariatric surgery weight loss requirements and the effect of preoperative weight loss on postoperative outcome

Journal: International Journal of Obesity

VOL: 2012

Article Title: Neuroimaging and obesity: current knowledge and future directions

Journal: Obesity Reviews

VOL: 2012