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Tadahiko  Tokumoto

--Shonankamakura General Hospital

Work Details:

Department: Kidney Transplantation, Urology, Blood Purification

Institution: Shonankamakura General Hospital


Institution (in Local Language): 湘南鎌倉総合病院 腎移植、泌尿器科学、血液浄化学 腎移植外科


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Journal: Impact of fluvastatin on hyperlipidemia after renal transplantation.

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Article Title: Lack of antibodies against the antigen domain 2 epitope of cytomegalovirus (CMV) glycoprotein B is associated with CMV disease after renal transplantation in recipients having the same glycoprotein H serotypes as their donors.

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Article Title: Association between antibody response against cytomegalovirus strain-specific glycoprotein H epitopes and HLA-DR.

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