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Takuya  Watanabe

Professor--Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

Work Details:

Department: School of Life Sciences

Institution: Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

Course: Neuropharmacology

Institution (in Local Language): 東京薬科大学 生命科学部 心血管医科学研究室


Article Title/DOI: Smad2/Smad3 in endothelium is indispensable for vascular stability via S1PR1 and N-cadherin expressions.

Journal: Blood

VOL: 2012

Article Title: Preventive effects of heregulin-β1 on macrophage foam cell formation and atherosclerosis.

Journal: Circulation Research

VOL: 2009

Article Title: Impact of salusin-α and -β on human macrophage foam cell formation and coronary atherosclerosis.

Journal: Circulation

VOL: 2008

Article Title: Synergistic effect of urotensin II with mildly oxidized LDL on DNA synthesis in vascular smooth muscle cells.

Journal: Circulation

VOL: 2001

Article Title: Lysophosphatidylcholine and reactive oxygen species mediate the synergistic effect of mildly oxidized LDL with serotonin on vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.

Journal: Circulation

VOL: 2001