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M H A  Biswas

Professor--University of Porto Portugal

Work Details:

Department: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Institution: University of Porto Portugal

Course: Optimal control and Applications to Biology                                                                                                                              Optimal control and application to biology and biomedicine

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Article Title/DOI: A SEIR Model for Control of Infectious Diseases with Constraints

Journal: Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering

VOL: 2013

Article Title: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4825572.

Journal: AIP Conf. Proc. 1558 638-641 (2013);

VOL: 2013

Article Title:  A Variant of Nonsmooth Maximum Principle for State Constrained Problems

Journal: Proceedings of  the 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control pp. 7685--7690

VOL: 2012

Article Title:  A Nonsmooth Maximum Principle for Optimal Control Problems with State and Mixed Constraints-Convex Case

Journal: Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems  Vol. 2011 pp. 174–183  2011

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Necessary conditions for optimal control problems with and without state constraints: a comparative study

Journal: WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control 6 (6) 217-228

VOL: 2011