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Seinen  Chow

--National Research Institute of Fisheries Science

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Institution: National Research Institute of Fisheries Science


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Article Title/DOI: Extracting DNA from whole organism homogenates and the risk of false positives in PCR based diet studies: A case study using spiny lobster larvae.

Journal: Journal of Experimental Marine Bology and Ecology

VOL: 2013

Article Title: Determining the diet of larvae of western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) using high-throughput DNA sequencing techniques.

Journal: PLoS ONE

VOL: 2012

Article Title: Genetic isolation between the Western and Eastern Pacific populations of pronghorn spiny lobster Panulirus penicillatus.

Journal: PLoS ONE

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Efficiency of peptide nucleic acid-directed PCR clamping and its application in the investigation of natural diets of the Japanese eel leptocephali.

Journal: PLoS ONE

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Oceanic spawning ecology of freshwater eels in the western North Pacific.

Journal: Nature Communications

VOL: 2011