Gurudutt  Pendyala

--University of Nebraska Medical Center

Work Details:

Department: Munroe-Meyer Institute

Institution: University of Nebraska Medical Center

Course: Developmental Neuroscience

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Article Title/DOI: The clock gene Per2 influences the glutamatergic system and modulates alcohol consumption.

Journal: Nature Medicine

VOL: 2005

Article Title: Metabolomic analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid reveals changes in phospholipase expression in the CNS of SIV-infected macaques.

Journal: Journal of Clinical Investigation

VOL: 2008

Article Title: Cerebrospinal fluid proteomics reveals potential pathogenic changes in the brains of SIV-infected monkeys.

Journal: Journal of Proteome Research

VOL: 2009

Article Title: Proteomic and metabolomic strategies to investigate HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders.

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VOL: 2010

Article Title: Methamphetamine and inflammatory cytokines increase neuronal Na+/K+-ATPase isoform 3: relevance for HIV associated neurocognitive disorders

Journal: PLoS One

VOL: 2012