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  • Position: Assistant Professor
    Institution: University of Kentucky
    Department: Neurology
  • Position: Professor
    Institution: Chung Shan Medical University
    Department: Physiology
  • Position:
    Institution: SIGA Technologies Inc.
  • Position: Associate Professor
    Institution: Zhongshan Scoool of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University
  • Position:
    Institution: Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope
    Department: Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Research
  • Position: Associate Professor
    Institution: Univ. Mississippi Medical Center
    Department: Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences
  • Position: Associate Professor
    Institution: Nagasaki University Hospital
    Department: Department of Metabolism/Diabetes and Clinical Nutrition
  • Position: Lecturer
    Institution: kinki University
    Department: Faculty of medicine
  • Erfan    Younesi Bioinformatics
    Institution: Fraunhofer Institute for Scientific Computing & Algorithms
    Department: Bioinformatics
  • Position: Assistant Professor
    Institution: University of Pittsburgh
    Department: Epidemiology