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Who we are

We have offered a medical information service to a number of global companies, and have developed trusts with our clients, responding to their needs. We always have policy in mind that we should devote ourselves to promote information distribution among doctors, researchers, and citizens, and therefore have launched a new scholarly open access journal.
We all bring intellectual curiosity and passions to contribute to the development of science, technology, and medicine. We expect Science Postprint to be a No. 1 in Asia, providing academic open access platform that serves as an indispensable infrastructure for science communication.



Director/Editor in chief/Concept advocate
Molecular biology, Medicine (Endocrinology)
Shinichiro Takezawa serves as a leader of SPP project. He developed and planned the concept of SPP.
With his research experience in molecular biology, Shinichiro hopes to improve the efficiency of research scientists. He believes that environment of academic journals should be innovative and therefore be evolved.
Ph.D., The University of Tokyo
M.S., Kyoto University
B., Tokyo Institute of Technology


Director/Business development
OAJ service will not only be a localized service.
It will fuse the expectations of both information technology industry and researchers, and possibly provide a new environment of researching trade worldwide.
We apply our business experience in marketing support toward medical and healthcare industry to our services in SPP.
Henceforward, we will be sparing no effort to strive for the No.1 in Asia in three ways: technique, service, and business.
We will cooperate with researchers and partners throughout the world in order to provide better service more than ever by bending our ear to customers' needs and wants.
Tamagawa University


Veterinary pharmacology, Bone & Mineral metabolism, Toxicology
Veterinarian, Senior radiation protection supervisor, Health laboratory technician
Junichi Takezawa supports business opportunity of SPP project in his advisory capacity with the organization. Based on his experience in research and pharmaceutical development, he hopes to encourage promotion of academic exchange.
M.S. (V.M.S.), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
B., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology