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In addition, you can continue to use the publications you have published until now.

A flow for publication in Traditional Peer Review

From submission to publication

Submit on our web site.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from our editorial office. If everything is fine, we will go into the peer review process.

Peer Review

Receiving all reviewer’s comments, Editorial Office will make decision for your article and informs you of the peer review results.

When you need revision


The time frame for the revising is within 3 months.

Please submit your revised manuscript.


Receiving all reviewer’s comments, Editorial Office will inform you of the re-review results. Although usually the comments from all referees are sent together, you could get the comments respectively if you are in a hurry.

When accepted

Most authors need to revise their articles several times for acceptance. Once accepted, our Editorial Office requests you to pay for the processing fee. We will send you an instruction for payment.


Payment Instruction

The processing for publication will be after we receive and confirm your payment.

Processing for HTML/PDF