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Science Postprint is a Peer-Reviewed International Open-Access Journal

Since modern times, the West has been the center of development of science and technology as well as medical technology. However, researchers in developing countries are expected to be mature in the near future. In order to support such researchers in Asia, Africa, and South America, Science PostPrint (SPP) was established by entrepreneurs from China and Japan as an open access journal to publish peer-reviewed scientific articles. One of the missions of SPP is to be a substantial help for those researchers and serve as an indispensable infrastructure for science communication with rapid and high-integrity publications.
SPP receives submissions focusing around Medicine including Nursing and Dentistry, Life Sciences, and Environmental Sciences that cover Agronomy, and Veterinary Science. We also accept papers in the field of Science Policies and Science & Medical Education as related fields.
To facilitate science communication, SPP will never stop listening to and responding to the high expectations of citizens and researchers, providing unique and valuable systems.

Editorial Board Members

SPP is supported by more than 500 Editorial Board Members as peer reviewers. About 70% of them are Professors and Associate or Assistant professors (Figure 1), and their expertise is shown in Figure 2.

Innovative Concepts in Science Postprint

  1. Full Open Access: All parts of the manuscripts are available for every reader for free.
  2. Two Choices in Peer Review: Authors can choose from Traditional Peer Review (Single blind peer review) and Post Publication Peer Review (Open peer review).
  3. Prompt Publication: In Traditional Peer Review, the shortest period from submission to official acceptance was 16 days. In Post Publication Peer Review, publication will be within 3 working days of the submission.
  4. Credible Peer Review: SPP is supported by more than 500 Editorial Board Members; about 60% of them consist of Professors and Associate Professors from North America or Japan.
  5. Grading by Peer Reviewers: The average of ratings by peer reviewers is published as indices for the value of the article.
  6. Encourage Researchers: SPP offers a space for academic awards or grants that are sponsored by some organizations or businesses. At the same time, SPP prepares several discounts for authors.
  7. Research Funding Platform: SPP enables citizens to donate research funds to their favorite researchers.
  8. Multi-language Environment: To mitigate the language barriers, SPP recommend authors to publish abstracts in their mother tongue. Editorial Office translates abstracts into Japanese.

Invitation for Editorial Board

Science Postprint seeks expertise from experienced researchers that lead the science and technology fields. We welcome such cooperation from researchers as members of our Editorial Board. Reviewers will be asked for peer review of submitted papers in order to ensure the quality of published papers. We appreciate application from voluntary researchers with high expertise and hope to share our mission with them. Please fill out the entry form and submit required information to join in our Editorial Board.

Three Advantages of Reviewers

  1. Prior information for the latest works
  2. Permission to use the Science Postprint official Reviewers’ Medal
  3. Possibility of raising donation for your research facility (in progress)