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Post publication Peer Review (PPP) is a transparent open peer review process. A submitted article will immediately be published and open peer review follows the publication.
Science Postprint has started to receive articles for PPP publication from August 2015. Authors are able to choose between the two peer review processes (PPP/Traditional Peer Review).

Benefits of Post Publication Peer Review

・Authors enjoy immediate publication.
・Readers benefit from quick information.
・Reviewers get appropriate credit for the contribution.
・Transparency: the review reports can be reviewed by readers. The transparency must benefit authors, readers, reviewers and the publisher.

PPP vs. Traditional Peer Review

Which do you prefer for your publication?

Post Publication Peer ReviewTraditional Peer Review
Open peer reviewYesNo
Publication Every submitted articles will be published right after the submission. Only accepted articles will be published after official acceptance.
Peer review reports Will be published Undisclosed
Revision Will immediately be published before re-review. Undisclosed unless it is accepted for publication.
Official judgments Based solely on peer review judgments and articles are labeled as “Approved/Not Approved.” Editorial Office makes final judgment based on peer review reports, and only accepted articles are published.
Rejected articles “Not Approved” articles continue to be accessible and are not allowed for re-submission to another journal. Will not be published. Authors can re-submit it to another journal.
Payment date At the time of submission After final acceptance
(not charged for rejected articles)


Regular chargeUS$1,350/135,000JPY