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MIRAI Re-juvenilization Award

MIRAI honors a researcher for his/her contribution to anti-aging care and regeneration medicine. The prize is worth 1,640 US$ to the winner.
Fields Anti-aging, Regeneration medicine
Article Types Research Article, Clinical Research Article
Eligibility Criteria The topic of the research should be about anti-aging or regeneration medicine. The article must be accepted for publication by Science Postprint and it should be unpublished and original.
Prizes A testimonial and about 1,640 US$ reward
Duration Open from June 1, 2015 until receiving 10 valid nominations
Selection The Selection Committee that is designated by MIRAI assesses the article and the researcher comprehensively.


  • 2003 Established a cosmetic company
    Showed rapid growth in the first three years using international distribution network. The products had received high recognition and transferred to a large public company in 2006.
  • 2010 Took a stake in a gene-analysis company
    Participated in as a member of the board. Assigned its equity capital to a public company that had an interest in its patent license of cutting-edge on 2014.
  • At the present 
    Devotes herself to contribute to the development of the life science especially in anti-aging and regeneration medicine.

Agreement for “MIRAI Re-juvenilization Award”


1. This award it to recognize researchers who have made great contributions in anti-aging and regeneration medicine.


2. Corresponding authors who submit their articles to an academic journal “Science Postprint” are possible nominees as long as the following qualifications are met.


The topic of the research should be about anti-aging or regeneration medicine, and the article must be accepted for publication. Authors should inform “Science Postprint” about their application for the award at the time of submission.


3. A corresponding author will be praised and given a testimonial and prize money (maximum amount: 200,000JPY (about 1,640 US$)) as an extra prize.

3-2. A work out of ten Science Postprint publications that applied for this award (from here on, nominated work) will be praised. However in case of no work was found to deserve the award, none of the applications will be praised. Selection committee may give a special award in some cases.

3-3. Basically, a corresponding author will be praised. If the author refused the award, the author’s research institution would be eligible. If the research institution refused, Selection Committee will search for eligible candidates sequentially.


4. Award appliers should notify “Science Postprint” about their application when they submit their works via web submission form. Occasionally, the Editorial Office of “Science Postprint” might nominate a submitted article for the prize if it had not been applied. In case the application is out of the terms of nominees defined in Art. 2, the application might be declined by the Editorial Office. Editorial Office will inform the author about the rejection via email.


5. The nomination begins from June 2015. Award selecting starts for first 10 valid nominations. However, if Selection Committee which is defined in Art. 6 found outstanding research before 10 nominations, further nominations might be closed.

Selection Committee

6. MIRAI designates the member of Selection Committee for the selection.

Decision of Winner

7. The Selection Committee assesses the article and the researcher comprehensively.


8. The winner will be announced on an academic journal “Science Postprint,” and the testimonial will be sent to the winner by an email or a mail. The prize money will be transferred to the winner’s bank account from MIRAI or organization that is designated by MIRAI. The charges that required for money transfer or postage fee will be deducted.

Abolishment of the agreement

9. Abolishment of this agreement is conducted according to the resolution of the Committee.

Supplemental Provision

This agreement shall come into effect from June 1st, 2015.