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Shengyun  Fang

Associate Professor--University of Maryland School of Medicine

Work Details:

Department: Center for Biomedical Engineering and Technology

Institution: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Course: Advanced Cell Biology

Institution (in Local Language):   


Article Title/DOI: Ubiquitin Protein Ligase Activity of IAPs and Their Degradation in Proteasomes in Response to Apoptotic Stimuli

Journal: Science

VOL: 2000

Article Title: Mdm2 is a RING finger-dependent ubiquitin protein ligase for itself and p53

Journal: J Biol Chem

VOL: 2000

Article Title: gp78, the tumor autocrine motility factor receptor, mediates degradation from the endoplasmic reticulum in human cells

Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

VOL: 2001

Article Title: Importin β interacts with the ER-associated degradation machinery and promotes ubiquitination and degradation of mutant {alpha}1-antitrypsin

Journal: J Biol Chem

VOL: 2011

Article Title: Live cell imaging of protein dislocation from the endoplasmic reticulum.

Journal: J Biol Chem

VOL: 2013