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Megumi  Funakoshi-Tago

Lecturer--Keio University

Work Details:

Department: Faculty of Pharmacy

Institution: Keio University


Institution (in Local Language): 慶應義塾大学 薬学部 生化学講座


Article Title/DOI: Receptor specific downregulation of cytokine signaling by autophosphorylation in the FERM domain of Jak2.

Journal: EMBO J

VOL: 2006

Article Title: Jak2 FERM domain interaction with the erythropoietin receptor regulates Jak2 kinase activity.

Journal: Mol Cell Biol

VOL: 2008

Article Title: STAT5 activation is critical for the transformation mediated by myeloproliferative disorder-associated JAK2 V617F mutant.

Journal: J Biol Chem

VOL: 2010

Article Title: The acute lymphoblastic leukemia-associated JAK2 L611S mutant induces tumorigenesis in nude mice.

Journal: J Biol Chem

VOL: 2009

Article Title: Aurora kinase A critically contributes to the resistance to anti-cancer drug cisplatin in JAK2 V617F mutant-induced transformed cells.

Journal: FEBS Lett.

VOL: 2011